Miss A - Love Alone 〃음악

Love Alone (2011) - Track 1
『Love Alone』노래 : Miss A

이번에는 제가 좋아하는 장르와는 조금 다르지만, 중독되는 노래입니다. 이번에 소개해드릴 곡은 미스에이의 Love Alone 입니다. Love Alone 은 트렌디한 팝댄스곡인데요~ 처음에 이 곡을 듣고 첫 부분에서 왜이리 강민경이 생각나는지.. '';;


이상하게 쓸 말이 없다.

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I don't wanna be in love alone
Wanna give you my heart
But you can't be playin' cause
I don't wanna be in love alone
See me falling, yeah but I can't be the only one
Cause I don't wanna be in love alone
So give it to me straight, know you feeling me baby
No I don't wanna be in love alone
All on my body, and I just can't take it

Heart racing, It's amazing
The way you got me off on my game
No secret, Imma go head and say it
Ya lovin' got me feeling this way (yeah, yeah)

If It's an illusion
I need you to tell me now
No room for confusion
I need you to let it out

Staring into space
Thinking about the way you
Be having me calling your name
Get distracted, Hard to focus
Boy you know you got me open
Wanna know

(Oh ooh Oh ooh Oh baby let me know)
Whatever you wanna do (yeah, yeah)
(I can make it yours
If you ready for it)
But you gotta be true
Cause I